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Spotlight on New Zealand Technology

New Zealanders characteristics of determination and independence of thought have built a nation that is creative, innovative and often ingenious. It is this resourcefulness that has led to many world-class innovations in software, such as that used to for electronic devices, special effects, 3D games, retail, broadcasting, finance and corporate support.  

New Zealand has a growing technology ecosystem with collaboration across industry, business, education and government, time zone advantages, and is globally competitive on price. As the third largest export, which employs close to 100,000 people and contributes about $16.2 billion to the economy, the tech sector is increasingly important to the New Zealand economy.

New Zealand tech in the News

Rocket Lab's rocket reaches orbit

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket successfully reached orbit and deployed three satellites in the rocket company's second test flight.  The Electron rocket carried an Earth-imaging satellite and two satellites that enable weather and ship tracking, which were intended to help Rocket Lab gather "crucial data and test systems for the deployment state of a mission."

Apple acquires PowerbyProxi

Apple doubles on wireless charging after it scooped up New Zealand-based company PowerbyProxi that designs wireless power products for consumers and industry. PowerbyProxi is a spin-out of the University of Auckland’s world leading wireless power center of excellence, building on over a decade of ground-breaking research.

StretchSense creates the ZozoSuit

Auckland-based StretchSense has created the ZozoSuit that aims to ensure your clothes order fits perfectly every single time using sensor technology. This ZozoSuit hopes to take the headache out of online shopping and reduce the number of returns.

DROPIT pairs with NBA team Phoenix Suns

The interactive app that uniquely engages teams and sponsors to fans through 60-second drop auctions from the stands. DROPIT is a world first platform that not only enhances the fan experience of live sporting events, but it also collects valuable purchase intent data post auction.

New Zealand at CES 2018


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New Zealand at SaaStr Annual 2018

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