New Zealand at World Dairy Expo 2017

People work with lung inflation rig at Bio-engineering Institute

An impressive delegation from New Zealand is attending the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin this October. Each company, through their solutions and technologies, will be showcasing what New Zealand has to offer this week.  

Agriculture is the foundation of New Zealand’s economy, and dairy is our strongest pillar. As the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, we rely on farmers, technology, and expert knowledge to lead the way.  

As producers, we pride ourselves on profitability and efficiency. As innovators, we take new ideas and develop them into world-class solutions. 

We are continuously seeking opportunities to learn more from our international peers, and of course, we are keen to share what we know. We hope to accomplish both during our time at World Dairy Expo – and we look forward to meeting you there.

New Zealand Agtech Companies at World Dairy Expo 2017

Watch our video to experience a New Zealand dairy farm and learn more about New Zealand agribusiness solutions.


Participating companies

Learn more about the companies attending World Dairy Expo below.

New Zealand has the latest technology to help farmers work smarter, not harder. Read about our world-class agri industry.
  • AgriSmart



    AgriSmart™ has developed web-based Timesheets, Payroll, Rosters, Tasks, Health and Safety, and Cashflow Forecasting software, especially for dairy farmers. AgriSmart™ provides the right tools to ensure employees are paid correctly and everyone on the farm is safe while helping farmers achieve their financial goals by easily comparing actual against budget. Also, Agrismart has a feature that can import end of year financial statements of any farming type, in CSV format from all accounting systems and subsequently format them in any bank’s format for further analysis. This results in not only significant time savings, but also higher accuracy of data input.

    To learn more, visit the Agrismart website

  • Beachhead advisors

    Raul Campos has more than 33 years of professional experience focused on agrimarkets trade (agrichemicals, fertilizers, animal health, and nutrition); experience in startups, business strategy, market research, definition of the competitive advantage, product development, regulatory affairs, identification of potential users and distributors, sales management and P&L management.
    Dr. Stacey Hamilton is a friend and advisor to New Zealand Agribusiness. Dr. Hamilton is Dairy Extension Specialist/Instructor with the University of Missouri College of Food and Natural Resources in the Animal Science Department. His degrees include B.S.- Iowa State University (Animal Science); M.S. and Ph.D.-University of Missouri (Dairy/Animal Science). His main focus concerns the pasture-based dairy industry in Missouri emphasizing reproductive strategies for seasonal operations, pasture utilization, irrigation and residual feed intake (RFI). Additionally, he is lead instructor for the advanced dairy production class as well as the on-line pasture based dairy course.
    Stacey and his wife Lisa live on a small farm in southwest Missouri. Their two children attend the University of Missouri.

    To contact either of the Beachhead Advisors, please get in touch with Beachhead Network Manager, Simon Court.
  • BioBrew


    BioBrew Ltd develops, makes, and sells the world’s only fresh, live, and active probiotics for production, companion, and sport animals. Our CalfBrew product improves growth rates, manages scouring, and increases future productivity in dairy calves. CalfBrew is formulated with MPI GRAS-Registered microbes including our proprietary Lactobacillus reuteri MFC-2, selected to give your valuable calves the advantage they need to become top producers in your herd. CalfBrew may be used from birth, through weaning, and all the way to being fully developed grazers. CalfBrew is administered in milk or milk replacement prior to weaning and in stock water post-weaning. Our approach to probiotics has been proven in New Zealand through trials and on-farm experience since 2009.

    To learn more, visit the BioBrew website

  • CalfSMART


    CalfSMART produces a range of innovative automatic calf milk feeding systems and a range of meal feeders for calves, heifers, dairy, and beef herds. CalfSMART’s products enable farmers to monitor, control, and feed the optimal individualized diet. Real-time access to monitoring and control-ling feeding regimes ensures long-term productivity gains.

    To learn more, visit the CalfSMART website


  • Callaghan Innovation


    Callaghan Innovation is a government agency supporting hi-tech businesses in New Zealand. We provide a single front door to the innovation system for businesses at all stages of their innovation journey – from start-ups to the most experienced R&D performers. We’re a mix of about 300 researchers, engineers, scientists, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, advisors and administrators delivering self-help and on-demand services and tailored programs.

    Having been involved in launching two new businesses in specialized dairy ingredients into new markets globally, Nicky knows how hard it is connecting with businesses and technologies both in New Zealand and around the world, on top of day-to-day demands. Her goal in joining Callaghan Innovation is to assist companies to link in with available technology, resources, and networks – and to help grow great New Zealand businesses that can commercialize their ideas fast.

    To learn more, visit the Callaghan Innovation website or contact Nicky Molloy



    CRV USA delivers genetic solutions for an easy-to-manage herd. For the premium milk producer, CRV’s proven genetics sire the kind of cows that make milk containing more protein and butterfat, allowing producers to pocket more money with the same number of animals, and do it in the most responsible way. For the larger, high-volume operation, CRV deliver robust cows that stay healthier, live longer, reproduce better and are less costly to maintain. For the grass-fed dairy cow niche, CRV offer genetics that have been tested in grazing systems all over the world. With origins from classic grass-fed settings like New Zealand and Ireland, many of their bulls are ranked at the very top of worldwide indexes for dairies built upon grass. And, for the beef rancher CRV bring genetics that are proven to increase carcass weight, deliver healthy calves, and help with calving ease.

    To learn more, visit the CRV USA website

  • Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship


    Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA) is a nonprofit organization, and its work-based training program is a National Apprenticeship registered with the U.S. Department of Labor- Employment and Training Administration. DGA links current and aspiring dairy graziers and provides a structure of support for the transfer of managed-grazing knowledge, skills, and farms to the next generation. The program consists of 4000 hours of training over two years. Of those hours, 3,712 are on-farm employment and mentoring under an approved Master Dairy Grazier, who uses a standard set of DGA Training Guidelines. The remaining 288 hours are related instruction, which includes formal classes as well as peer-to-peer learning opportunities. In addition to a formal educational structure, DGA provides on-the-ground support, business planning services, and proven models of equity earning, farm start-up and farm transfer. Entrants become Apprentices, certified Journey Dairy Graziers, and eventually Masters themselves, capable of taking on and training new Apprentices.
    Joseph Tomandl, III, a third generation dairy grazier in central Wisconsin who spearheaded the development of DGA, now serves as Executive Director. Tomandl is committed to the education and success of other startup dairy farmers and has personally invested in a spin-off farm as a strategy for employee/Apprentice development. 
  • Farmshed Labs


    Farmshed Labs develops proven technology solutions from left field to address large and valuable issues in farming through partnering with market-leaders.

    Our focus is solving on-farm challenges. In particular, we excel at the interface between animals and existing on-farm systems. We bridge this gap with novel technologies, engineered to deliver in challenging environments.

    Technology can be fickle. We have long experience in identifying and analyzing technology so that it can be applied to a pipeline of on-farm opportunities.

    Farmshed Labs is finalizing low-cost electronic diagnostic and automation technology.

    Several other technologies are in the late stages of evaluation and licensing with partners.

    To learn more, visit the Farmshed Labs website

  • Gallagher


    Gallagher is the innovator of the electric fence and the world leader in the power fence category. As an internationally renowned leader in the innovation, manufacture, and marketing of animal management products; Gallagher, offers solutions that make farm life easier and more profitable. Due to decades of field expertise and listening to farmers from across the globe, Gallagher understands the unique demands of farm management. This perspective enables Gallagher to create solutions that open up new opportunities for better farming and farm sustainability. Gallagher is one of New Zealand’s largest, privately owned businesses with operations in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe; and exports into over 130 countries.

    To learn more, visit the Gallagher website 

  • GPS-IT


    GPS-it has been around for 17 years, primarily focused on the ag sector. The company provides specialist mapping services for farmers and growers through to corporates such as ZESPRI and Fonterra.

    GPS-it is an early adopter of drone technology. The company has just released a nationwide aerial mapping service, and recently developed a range of specialized software tools to allow companies to get better answers from their data.

    To learn more, visit the GPS-IT website
  • Halter


    Halter is a startup designing and building advanced technology to remotely guide animals. Halter’s collars are used to avoid physically herding cows, maximizing farmer time, and productivity.

    Halter’s collar hardware allows farmers to use software to remotely set geographic boundaries and virtual fences, for cattle. The collars are GPS tracked and solar powered.

    Halter is headquartered in Auckland, NZ.

    To learn more, visit the Halter website
  • Invert Robotics limited


    Invert Robotics has developed the world first climbing robot for use on stainless steel. Using these robots, Invert Robotics provide crack-testing services on large stainless-steel vessels including silos and spray dryers. The use of our climbing robots eliminates the hazards of rope-access, working at height, and confined space entry while minimising the risk of production downtime due to equipment damage or product contamination. Invert Robotics products are compact and the readily transportable across the globe at a competitive price.

    To learn more, visit the Invert Robotics website
  • Kaiwaka Clothing


    Kaiwaka Clothing is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance wet weather garments to the agri, commercial and marine sectors.

    Founded in 1975 and based in the rural town of Kaiwaka - the company is committed to manufacturing in New Zealand where it can keep a close eye on the quality of workmanship and materials and ensure that its own values of integrity and honesty are maintained, while rewarding your investment with outstanding New Zealand quality and longevity. This focus on quality and performance has enabled Kaiwaka Clothing to become the No 1 supplier of quality wet weather garments to the farming sector in New Zealand.

    The family behind the business, the Stewarts, are from a farming heritage of six generations that spans from Scotland to Nova Scotia so they have first-hand experience of what farmers need. And that comes through in their no-nonsense approach to design and manufacturing: to make garments that will keep you warm and dry whatever the elements throw at you.

  • K-Line Irrigation


    K-Line Irrigation, the most versatile, cost effective grassland irrigation solution available. The K-Line Irrigation system utilizes a string of tough plastic pods, each pod containing a sprinkler, with pods spaced at intervals along the tough, flexible polyethylene tubing. The length of pods is then strategically moved through the field at 12 to 24-hour intervals from position to position.

    The concept of pod irrigation began back in the mid 90’s on the South Island of New Zealand. Dairy farmer John Kirk and RX Plastics in Ashburton New Zealand combined to create this new and innovative irrigation system that was eventually called K-Line Irrigation. K-Line Irrigation’s lower cost and simplicity helped it to catch on quickly with the New Zealand graziers.

    They soon realized that K-Line could be adapted to almost any shape and size of field without costly changes in fencing, shade trees, buildings, etc., and was also easy and quick to install. The slow absorption method that comes from smaller sprinklers irrigating over a longer period actually resulted in greater forage growth with virtually no runoff. This contributed to considerable water savings and more forage with the same amount of water.

     To learn more, visit the K-Line website

  • Levno Limited


    Levno accurately monitors temperature right through your milk system plus exact volume, milking time and vat agitator action. Levno converts data into high-quality information and insight using smart sensor technology to provide farmers an edge through increasing productivity. Levno is leading with its milk, fuel, and water solutions by providing real-time access data in the form of intuitive dashboard and alerts.

    To learn more, visit the Levno

  • LIC

    LIC logo 

    LIC is a farmer-owned co-operative that provides a range of services and solutions to improve the productivity and prosperity of farmers.

    LIC have pioneered some of the biggest innovations that provide today’s farmers with a competitive edge, including the systematic testing of milk quality, Long Last Liquid (fresh) semen, DNA technology to genomically identify and help select elite sires, and more recently a short gestation bull team bred to deliver offspring up to 10 days early.

    Today their products and services include dairy genetics, herd recording software, herd testing, DNA parentage verification, farm advisory services, integrated shed automation systems, and milk testing sensors.

    To learn more, visit the LIC website.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    Logo - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

    Terry started in this newly created position in the New Zealand Embassy in Mexico City in January 2017. The role covers regional agriculture activity throughout Latin America. A major activity Terry leads is the “Pacific Alliance Agriculture Cooperation Initiative”. This initiative is designed to support our diplomatic and trade objectives with the four Pacific Alliance countries (Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru) with whom we have begun free trade negotiations. As part of this effort Terry is working closely with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to help raise the profile of Latin American opportunities for New Zealand agribusiness.
    Previously, Terry spent eight years in Washington D.C., first as the Agriculture Attaché in the New Zealand Embassy and then as the Regional Manager North America for Beef and Lamb New Zealand – where he represented New Zealand sheep and cattle farmers’ interests in the US, Canadian and Mexican markets. During his tenure with Beef and Lamb New Zealand he was a Board member of the US Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the US-NZ Business Council.

    Terry has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Otago University and an MBA from Victoria University of Wellington. He is married to Carolina and they have three children (Siena, 9; Enzo, 6; and Tiago 4).

    To learn more, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade website

  • Onfarm solutions


    Onfarm Solutions is a dairy automation company based in Christchurch, New Zealand specializing in cost effective systems that offer the dairyman a fast return on investment.

    Their product, the Teatwand, offers highly accurate yet affordable solution to Automatic Teat Spraying on a Rotary Dairy Milking Platform. The Teatwand is the most effective, reliable, yet inexpensive solution on the market with installations topping 400 worldwide. The Teatwand will suit any size dairy from small herds of 200 to large herds of 4000 cows. Pre-spray or post spray or both, the system can be tailored to suit different requirements.

    To learn more,
    visit the Onfarm solutions website

  • Precision Farming Limited


    Precision Farming provides dairy farmers with a live, real-time farm management system for the automatic recording of pasture, crop, dairy shed, and farm infrastructure data. The systems also allow for fertilizer and effluent planning, soil moisture and temperature analysis, and NPK recording. All of this information is fed through a live connection, allowing the farmer to seamlessly order from preferred contractors and fertilizer suppliers.

    To learn more, visit Precision Farming website
  • Shoof

     Shoof logo 

    Shoof International Ltd is a developer, manufacturer, importer, marketer, and exporter of agricultural and veterinary equipment.

    Shoof International Ltd was formed in New Zealand in 1973 to develop and market its own inventions such as the Cattle Shoof and Horse Shoof to the New Zealand agricultural and veterinary industries. It quickly became apparent that these new items were of interest to farmers and veterinarians around the world, so Shoof began establishing distributors in markets world-wide.

    Shoof is constantly searching world markets to find new and innovative products for animal breeding and veterinary industries and is continually developing new and innovative agricultural products.

    To learn more, visit the Shoof website

  • Simcro

    Simcro logo 

    Simcro is a global leader in animal health delivery systems and specialty packaging. As a result of their stringent quality expectations and innovative development approach, Simcro products enhance the value of the pharmaceutical that they deliver to production and companion animals.

    Hallmarks of their products include treatment efficacy, user safety, operational convenience and animal welfare.

    Simcro offer a range of injectors, topical and oral applicators as well as specialty packaging, all of which can be tailored to meet a client’s unique branding requirements.

    To learn more, visit the Simcro website.

  • Tag it Technologies


    Tag IT Technologies has a flagship product called HALO Farm Systems. HALO is a web-based application with customers accessing their data through a secure web portal. The combination of hardware and software solutions supports agricultural industry.

    Tag IT Technologies’ HALO product now has hundreds of systems live on farms throughout Australasia, monitoring water and irrigation, milking, and environmental systems, along with full command and control of the farm machinery, reporting and system analytics.

    HALO Farm Systems processes the exceptions and sends alerts where a potential to upset workflows and disrupt income opportunities exist.

    To learn more, visit Tag IT Technologies website
  • UBCO


    The Ubco 2x2 is the world’s first dual electric drive motorbike, and was founded on the idea of creating a Utility Electric Vehicle (UEV) that would transform the way people ride, work, and play.

    Since its inception, Ubco has rapidly developed into a digitally connected UEV platform which includes on and off road transport, portable power, and subscription software.

    The bike utilizes advances in electric motor design and battery technology to deliver a near silent ride. The Ubco 2x2 provides a complete solution for individual users and fleet managers across a range of applications.

    To learn more, visit the UBCO website

  • Ultibend
    Ultibend is dedicated to producing and distributing product of only the very highest quality. Ultibend’s unique manufacturing knowledge and methodology is what allows us to consistently reach the excellence expected from us. When you buy an Ultibend Industries fitting, you are not just receiving an expertly crafted piece of stainless steel (although you’ll get that too) – you are investing in a relationship based on over two decades of providing the best stainless steel fitting solutions you’ll find anywhere.
    Ultibend actively invest in a wide range of technologies including:
    • Laser and plasma processing of flat sheet and 3D tubes and profiles
    • Robotics to enable consistent and economic outcomes where direct human operation would be too tedious, hazardous or costly
    • Effective use of advanced CNC and Servo controls to enhance process accuracy and product quality
    • Intelligent laser scanning devices to detect and manage injury risks to operating personnel
    • Electro-mechanical systems that reduce noise output and energy consumption as compared with traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems
    The end result for you is a superior product with very tight dimensions, consistency of quality, and a reasonable price. Every time.

    To learn more,
    visit the Ultibend website

  • Waikato Milking Systems US


    The Waikato Milking Systems name is synonymous around the world with evolutionary, superbly designed and engineered systems and technologies, adding new levels of ease and prosperity to dairy farmers.

    Formed in the late 1960s, Waikato Milking Systems quickly earning a place in the bedrock of New Zealand’s and more latterly the world’s dairy industry. As a leader in the industry, they are renowned for their technologically advanced and superbly engineered products that deliver unprecedented ease of use, durability, and long life.

    Waikato Milking Systems has been involved in the US dairy industry for several decades providing American dairymen with a diverse range of componentry.

    In 2016, Waikato Milking Systems purchased the iconic US milk sensing company, AIC Dairy Technologies, and AIC Waikato was formed. The all-American subsidiary’s comprehensive range of milk sensing equipment and management software, complemented by its parent company’s range of systems and technologies, is available to farmers across the United States.

    Waikato Milking Systems US head office is located in Verona, Wisconsin with representation across the United States.

    To learn more, visit the Waikato Milking Systems website

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