Boosting your digital know how

Smart use of digital technology means you’ve got the chance to connect with your customers, understand what makes them tick, grow revenue online and launch into a new market.

But we know the digital landscape is fast moving. It’s hard to know where to start, which tools are right for your business and what technology or platforms you should invest in. To work through those common challenges, we offer online courses and seminars to build your digital know how. In partnership with the UK Digital Business Academy we offer 8 online courses, ranging from developing a digital product, to running social media campaigns. These courses are free and are a great way to develop your digital understanding. You can go at your own pace and select which courses are relevant.

These online courses help customers work through challenges like:

  • How to turn a digital idea into a digital business
  • Getting to grips with paid and organic search techniques
  • Developing a social media plan
  • Measuring digital marketing results
  • Developing digital products
  • How to plan digital marketing campaigns to achieve business objectives
  • Finance for start-ups
How it works

Build your digital know how at your own pace, by working through up to 8 online course modules*. The topics range from developing a digital product, to running social media campaigns, to mastering finance for your business. 

Each course has a short video lesson, with practical advice and examples to work through to put in place what you’ve learnt. Start right now for free.

We partner with the UK Digital Business Academy to offer these courses.

Am I eligible?

Any NewZealand business with a valid postcode is eligible for this service.

*Additional rewards outside the 8 core modules such as fast track to start-up loans, free co-working space, mentoring, and ad credits are available to UK residents only.

Visit Digital Business Academy's website for free online courses
  • I would like to find out how to start exporting

    If you’re thinking about starting an export business, or taking your current business into overseas markets, you’ll need to build a solid export plan.

    A great place to start is with our export plan template. This will help you to think about:

    • your objectives and goals for your export business
    • what your target market looks like – market size and trends, economic factors, and compliance issues
    • your strategy for entering the market – what you’ll be selling (and any adaptations that might be needed), the market niche you’re targeting, who your customers are and what they want, where you sit against your competitors, and your channel and pricing strategies
    • your sales and marketing plans – including your sales process, marketing and promotional activities, and your marketing budget
    • the extra resources you’ll need – added capacity, people, business systems, and financial resources
    • how to measure your performance, including financial, marketing and business key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Our Export Essentials guides are a great place to start with this. You might find the guides below particularly useful:

    You can see our full suite of resources on our Export Essentials page.

  • I want to research an export market

    Detailed research is a must-do before tackling any new market - so if you’re asking this question, you’re on the right track.

    Our Export Essentials guide to researching and selecting export markets is a great place to start. This includes background on good places to seek information – including online resources and databases, industry associations, and in-market research – as well as how to plan your research out, and use the results to make decisions about your next market. 

    Our market guides are a good introduction if you're researching a market or planning to visit. 

    You’ll also find research pulled together by NZTE's in-market teams in our News section by filtering on 'resources' as Article Type.  We add new resources to our News section from time to time, so it’s a good place to keep visiting when you’re planning new market research.

  • I want to find funding for my export business
    If you’re working out how to fund your export plans, take a look at our useful Export Essentials guide to funding your export growth. This includes information on debt funding and external (investment) funding - the two key options for export companies wanting to expand. 

    The first step in funding your plans is knowing what they’ll cost – so if you’re starting a new business or considering taking your company into overseas markets, make sure you also check out our Export Essentials guide to the cost of exporting.

    Some government grants are available for businesses in New Zealand, but most involve co-funding, meaning you’ll need to at least match the money that you’re given. 

    For information on government funding for your business, visit’s useful page on government grants and what you can get help with. 

    The Export Credit Office can also help you with understanding how to access trade finance when you're delivering on export contracts.

    For information about NZTE’s own funding offerings and how they work, visit our page on funding