Selecting and qualifying channel partners

Many business owners jump at the chance to work with an in-market partner, without fully thinking things through. Being stuck in a commercial relationship that doesn’t work for you is a time, energy and cash-consuming exercise.

Our tools will help you select the right partner and figure out how to split your roles and responsibilities to get the best results from day one.

There are four important steps to select (and engage) the right in-market partner:

  1. Define your partner criteria
  2. Weight your criteria
  3. Measure potential partners against your criteria
  4. Decide / negotiate roles and responsibilities

These tools will help you through these four steps.

Selecting and Qualifying Channel Partners

  • Core criteria and questions to consider

    Before you even start looking for a potential partner, it pays to define what you’re looking for. Use this list of questions to clarify what your business needs, and build a criteria list to measure potential partners against.
  • Partner evaluation tool

    The final step is to rank each criteria according to how well the potential partner meets it.  The final score will be a combination of the ranking plus the weighting and will help a business to make a well-informed analytical decision in response to business needs.

  • Partner profile weighting tool

    Once you have decided on the criteria you want from a market partner, you need to measure each potential partner against your criteria on a scale from 1 to 3 (3 being “crucial”, 1 being “nice to have”). This will form the basis of any decisions you make from here on in.

  • Partner roles tool

    Once you’ve selected a partner, you’ll move into the negotiation phase. This tool will help you think through how to divide up the roles and responsibilities – clarity around this forms the basis of a solid working relationship.

Exporter guides

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  • I want to find an in-market distributor for my business
    NZTE doesn’t maintain lists of distributors for specific products and markets. We encourage companies to do as much of the initial search process as they can for themselves, while bringing in professional help where needed.

    You’ll find useful information on researching, finding and selecting the right distributor for you in our Export Essentials guide to understanding your channel partner options.
  • I want to find out about trade shows or events overseas
    If you’re looking for key trade shows in a particular market, you’ll find a lot of information about trade shows and events through online searches. There are several good online directories of international shows. We suggest 10times, EventsEye and Trade Show News Network (TSNN) as possible starting points.

    It’s a good idea to also look up local or national trade promotion organisations in your target market. Many of them have online calendars of major events and shows.

    Get in touch with any business councils or trade associations within New Zealand that deal with your target market, as they may have knowledge of good shows to attend (or ones to avoid). 

    Don’t overlook learning from other New Zealand companies - ask around within your networks for others who are targeting the same market and get their impressions on shows they have attended or visited before.

    If you’ve found a trade show overseas that looks right for your business, you can also contact us to ask if there’s an official New Zealand stand or pavilion planned, or to get insights from NZTE staff and other companies’ experiences in previous years.
  • I'm visiting my market. How can NZTE help me?

    If you’re an NZTE customer, please get in touch with your Customer Manager to discuss your plans and possible areas of assistance. If you don’t have a Customer Manager, contact our Advisor Team for more information.

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